Our guarantee

Require a Guarantee of Outstanding Customer Service?

We Guarantee to:

  1. Respond to your inquiry promptly  
  2. Give you a fixed price quote (no nasty surprises on installation day)
  3. Turn up on the agreed day (we do not sub-contract our services)
  4. To always be courteous and considerate with your installation making the best use of the available area.
  5. Provide you with a direct telephone number so that you can contact us in the event of any questions concerning your fence
  6. Provide you with an tax invoice and multiple payment options
  7. Contact you before the end of the hire period to ensure you are ready for us to remove the fencing
  8. We will remove the fencing quickly and efficiently
  9. And of course, we will thank you for your businessthank-you


We are so tired of receiving poor service from a variety of suppliers that we have made it our mission to always provide outstanding service for every enquiry and every customer.  We take notes when we receive great service and we use those experiences and pass them on to our customers where ever possible.  CLICK HERE to try us out – you won’t be disappointed.

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