Pool Void Covers

Do you need a Pool Void cover?

It is becoming increasingly common for a house builder/renovator to require a swimming pool under construction to be fitted with a pool void cover (sometimes called a pool void platform or sleeper pool cover).  Not only is this a safety consideration but it protects your pool from damage.  It also prevents your pool being used as an expensive skip by some of the tradesmen on your site!

Our simple, strong and cost effective pool void covers are Australian designed to meet all of the legislative requirements.  Each one is inspected and issued with a Form 15 compliance certificate.

Our pool void covers are designed and installed with a low profile (approximately 70 mm in height).  This means that it does not create an obstruction the surrounding work area.  An important issue when the pool is close to the house under construction or renovation.

The pool void cover can be customised to allow for the erection of scaffolding in, on or around the pool void cover.  Our pool void covers can accommodate inbuilt spas, ledges, steps and infinity edges.

Qld Safety Fence Hire pool void covers have a safe working limit of 220kg, the industry standard.  This is considered the equivalent of two tradesmen plus their tools.  No requirement for additional props or supports which could damage your pool if not correctly installed.

We understand that construction and renovation projects do not always go according to plan so we offer flexible pool void cover rental terms starting from 1 month.

We are an independent family run business so we are competitively priced.  Please telephone us on 0410 459 901 or email us for a quote today.  We are fully insured and a member of SPASA (Swimming Pool and Spa Association) so you can be assured of our professionalism and integrity.

Pool Void Cover/Pool Platform
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